had my first all over body scan today!  This scan is amazing, if everyone had these done they could prevent so many ailments, and then of course heed the recommendations; lymphatic system needs to move, drink lots of water, reminded today I am definitely if being honest with myself not drinking nearly enough water day, shame on me with my best water ever espring!  Today is the day for a new fresh start!  send me a private message if you are interested in espring water filtration system in your home.  email Donna at thermographyfirst if you want cutting age preventative detective tool!


a long, long way from clare to here . . .

considering the lilies

It’s not taking time to rain today in Phoenix – I might as well be looking out at the playing field that stretched between our house on the Dublin Road and Lough Neagh. It is – according to the 11 Levels of Irish Rain “REALLY lashing . . . hammering down.”

On such a day, I can expect inexplicable pangs of homesickness, that old, unchanging feeling that I know will pass, the way it has done countless times since I first came to America. It is as real a feeling as it was when I first experienced it twenty five odd years ago, reminding me of what Stephen King says – that homesickness can be far from vague, but “a terribly keen blade.” Perhaps this lump-in-my-throat melancholy and migration belong together, and Social Media – while allowing me to notify friends and family via Facebook or Skype in real time about the uncharacteristic storm…

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